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Artificial turf was first introduced as ChemGrass in the 1960’s by Monsanto.  One of the first places it was installed was the Houston Astrodome.  After it was installed the name was rebranded as Astroturf (named after the Astrodome).  One of the reasons they put the artificial turf in the Astrodome was because the roof had too much reflection.  They painted the roof and as a result, the grass died (they even painted the dead grass green!).

Since then, artificial turf has become popular all over the world.  Las Vegas is one of the cities that uses it most.  Because of growing concerns over water, artificial turf has become popular in both residential and commercial landscaping in Las Vegas. 

Using artificial turf became popular in the 1990’s.  Las Vegas residents started seeing the benefits of using artificial turf.  Many have found that artificial turf can increase their home value because it saves on water (which in important in a desert community) and has a twenty plus year life expectancy.

Think of the other advantages of using artificial turf in Las Vegas, It is pet-friendly, no watering or mowing, no more brown or muddy spots, won’t get burned by the sun, resists fading so you can have green grass all year long no more pesticides or chemicals and no more grass stains!

The colors in artificial grass are green, olive green and brown.  Many are mixed to give it a more natural look.  In Las Vegas, you can get artificial turf with a pile height beginning from three-quarter inch up to two inches.  Most artificial grass has a turf gage of 3/8 inches. 

Artificial grass can be used for any sport in Las Vegas.  There are ball fields that utilize it as well as putting green.  Some playgrounds on Las Vegas use artificial turf.  It is a great way to keep the children cooler than the typical asphalt and will endure longer than some of the other playground materials. 

Installation of artificial turf in Las Vegas is customized to each job.  We will start by leveling the ground and customizing the shape of the area.  We can go contouring that gives the look a beautiful flow.  Then a stone that is crushed is compacted and leveled around two inches deep.  The artificial grass is then rolled out and cut to specifications.  Seaming and gluing the artificial turf to keep it in place is followed by up to six-inch nails every couple of feet. 

As this is done, we are careful to be sure the artificial turf has adequate draining to keep from having puddles.  There are flash floods in Las Vegas so it is important to efficiently drain the lawn. 

Designing your lawn can be fun and creative.  Some of our customers have used artificial turf for their pools with boulders or other rock formation.  We have a few clients in Las Vegas who have inset it in between tiles in their driveway or walkways. 

Many corporations in Las Vegas are moving to artificial turf.  They see the benefits of saving money on their water bill as well as their landscaping bill.  Imagine, not paying someone to come out and mow their lawns every week!  Sure there will be some maintenance with the trees, shrubs and other plants, but again, there is no expense in watering and maintaining the artificial turf.  There can also be the negative effects of pesticides and chemicals.  Many people like to walk their dog and have concerns about pesticides and chemicals.  They also do not like seeing the running water down the gutter.  Sprinkler heads are easily broken by careless people.  There is another example of how a corporation can save money.

Children love playing on artificial turf!  They don’t get wet when wrestling on the ground and there are no grass stains.  They love to ride their bikes and skateboards on our artificial turn and are happy there is no damage.  Many like to look and feel of our artificial turn in Las Vegas.  It looks and feels like real grass.

You can have a clean pet area with our artificial turf.  It is easy to clean and your pet won’t dig holes!  Pet owners in Las Vegas swear by our artificial turf stating it is the only way to go. 

Golf putting greens in Las Vegas is becoming more popular.  It is easy to install the artificial turf in small or large places.  Imagine never having to maintain your own putting green.  All you need to do is get your putter and golf ball and practice to your heart's content.  The next time you are out on the golf course your friends will be amazed at your new putting skills.  They will think you are Chevy Chase in Caddy Shack.

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