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Las Vegas best artificial grass

Artificial grass is the best solution for your landscaping needs in Las Vegas.  We use only the highest quality artificial grass that lasts for twenty years or more.  Our custom designers can come to you and create the landscaping of your dreams.

We will give your yard a beautiful makeover with artificial grass.  The rolling hills and curves will come to life before your eyes.  You will realize this was the best decision you have ever made.

artificial grass in Las Vegas is the perfect solution for commercial and residential use.

There are many reasons to install artificial in turf in Las Vegas.  You will see and a decrease in your water bill.  In this desert valley, water is a precious resource.  Many people recognize with our growing population it is important to do as much zero-scaping as possible.  In the past, people would use rock and bark.  This left very little work to do in the yard but it also made it hard to enjoy.

Imagine you will be able to put a chair on your artificial grass and walk around with your bare feet (couldn’t do that on rocks).  Your children can roll around on the artificial grass without getting grass stains.  There will be no harmful pesticides or chemicals that could harm your children or pets or run down the gutters in Las Vegas with the excess water off your lawn.

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for pet owners.  Your animals will love the feel of it and the lack of pesticides and chemicals.  It is easy to clean up after your pets which makes it much more sanitary than ordinary grass.

Las Vegas is one of the hottest, driest places in the United States.  Temperatures can reach in the 100’s in the summertime.  This often results in burning the grass and causing dead spots.  Artificial grass will maintain its brilliant color year-round for years to come.

With the booming economy in Las Vegas, homeowners who have installed artificial grass are seeing an increase in their home’s value.  Individuals moving to Las Vegas are looking for a beautiful yard that is maintenance free.  They also see the value of saving money on their water bill and like not having to use chemicals or pesticides.

Did we mention maintenance free?  How many times on your day off you just want to take it easy when you realize you need to not only mow your lawn but you have to get the trimmer out to cut the edges.  This can be time-consuming and hot in the Las Vegas heat.  It is frowned upon by your neighbors for you to get up at five in the morning to get ahead of the hot day by mowing your lawn.  Now you can sleep in knowing your artificial grass will look the same as it did the day before and the day before that.

Do you have children that have a pool, swing set or clubhouse in your backyard?  This is the perfect place to put artificial grass.  They can play on it all day long without damaging the artificial grass.  They can put out water slides or toys to their hearts desire knowing the artificial grass is clean and safe to play on.

Have you ever dreamed of your own putting green?  Let our designers here in Las Vegas design the perfect putting green.  You can have angles and mounds to give you a challenge and hone in on your putting skills.

artificial grass is environmentally friendly.  You can proudly tell your business partners and friends in Las Vegas you are helping the environment by using a product that is 100% recyclable material and lead-free.

In a nutshell, the benefits of artificial grass in Las Vegas are:

  • Decreases your water bill by not having to water your existing lawn.  You also don’t have to worry if you are watering on a wrong day.
  • Adds value to your home.
  • Pet-friendly
  • Child-friendly and no grass stains
  • No harmful chemicals or pesticides
  • 100% recyclable material that is lead-free
  • No mowing or trimming
  • Life expectancy of twenty or more years
  • No fading
  • No muddy spots
  • No dead spots
  • No burns in the grass

Why wait?  Artificial grass in the Las Vegas area is the answer you have been looking for in your yard.

Call us today and have our designers come out and create the residential or commercial landscape of your dreams.

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las vegas best artificial grass
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